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Management Team

Scientific Advisory Board

  • xin4-376.png
    Alvin Luk
    Ph.D., M.B.A., C.C.R.A., CEO, Head of Medical, and Co-Founder
  • 15.png
    Xuan Yao
    Ph.D., President, Greater China GM, and Co-Founder
  • 14.png
    Linyu Shi
    Ph.D., Chief Science Officer (CSO) and Co-Founder
  • 24.png
    Alex Wang
    EMBA, CICPA, USCPA, VP, Head of Finance
  • 8.png
    Femi Gao
    M.B.A., VP, Head of HR
  • 5-692.png
    Cindy Xu
    M.S., VP, Head of CMC
  • xin2.1.png
    Xixi Zhu
    M.Phil., M.B.E., Senior Director, International Business Development
  • 20231120toumingbeijingtupian2.png
    Sherry Xu
    M.S., Director, Business Development & Alliance Management
  • xin3.1.png
    Yuan Yuan
    M.S., Senior Director, IP & Legal
  • 1-173.png
    Hui Yang
    Ph.D., Shanghai, PRC
  • xin5.png
    Haiyan Jiang
    PhD, San Diego, USA
  • 011.png
    Allen Ho
    M.D., FACS, FASRS, Los Angeles, USA
  • 021.png
    Charles Wykoff
    M.D., Ph.D., Houston, USA